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Question: Do you answer questions on the telephone?

Answer: Although we have answered questions free of charge on the telephone in the past for people who are not yet our clients, we are no longer able to provide this service due to time constraints. Therefore, if you have immigration questions you would like us to answer, we request that you make an appointment to come to our office for a consultation. If you do not live in the Chicago metropolitan area, we can schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation. Those who are already our clients may still ask questions by telephone.

Question: Do I need an appointment in order to visit your office?

Answer: Unfortunately, due to our schedule and workload, we are unable to meet with people who walk into our office without an appointment. Existing clients who do not want to sit down and meet with us can walk in at any time to drop off papers.

Question: Do you offer consultations by fax or e-mail?

Answer: Providing accurate legal advice requires an active back and forth conversation. We have not yet found a way to conduct such conversations efficiently via e-mail or fax. Therefore, although our fax machine is turned on 24 hours per day and we have an e-mail address available for some types of communications, we are not able to respond accurately or provide good immigration consultations by fax or e-mail. We request that you you include your telephone number with any fax or e-mail you send, or better yet, just telephone our office.

Question: Why do I get your answering machine when I call your office?

Answer: We are a small office which does not have secretaries or paralegals. Generally, we answer our own telephones providing direct attorney access. If you call our office during our normal business hours and get our answering machine, it is because we are on another telephone line, out of the office at an immigration hearing or interview, or simply out to lunch. If you get our answering machine, leave a message clearly stating your name and telephone number. We will return your call. Except for weekends, we make every effort to return all telephone calls the same day they are received.

Question: Do you offer fixed fee billing?

Answer: Generally, all of our fees and payment terms are disclosed in advance and are quoted in a fixed fee format. However, if unanticipated legal work is required as a result of changes in the law or facts which were not disclosed to us initially, then we reserve the right to increase the fee originally quoted based on the amount of additional work required.

Question: Do you accept credit cards?

Answer: Our office does not accept credit card payments. We do accept personal checks.

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